3 card Poker hands at online casino

3 card poker hands

The simplest version of the Poker game is a 3-card play. If you are just beginning to learn the basics of classic Poker, then this type of game is the most suitable for you. 3 card Poker can be seen on many virtual casino platforms today, so register on the licensed casino site with the 3 card Poker tab, study the winning 3 card Poker hands order and start a battle!

What are the hands and odds in this type of Poker?

Before you start winning 3 card Poker, pay attention to the probabilities of this game, as well as 3 card Poker hands and best chances that are available here. 3-card game is played by a dealer who distributes cards from a 52-sheet deck to the participants. In order to collect the best 3 card Poker hands, user has only 3 cards, so in this type of Poker, combinations Flush Royal, Full House, Two Pairs and 4 of the same type are not available.

What is the special feature of the 3 card Poker rules? The number of participants in this casino game can be from 1 to 6 people. Three-card Poker can’t have more than 6 boxes, so there is a limit on the number of players. You can play as one box, or several at once. This is one of the advantages of this type of Poker. Fees for each box may differ from each other. At the moment when the game starts, the player pays the initial mandatory bet – Ante.

As soon as the dealer has finished dealing cards, player can do two actions: respond with a bet that is equal to the Ante in this competition, or discard the cards. At the same time, the dealer opens his set of cards. The winner is the player whose hand beats the dealer’s combo. All winning 3 card Poker hands are paid 1:1 by the dealer.

To start playing this type of Poker, remember all the hands that are here:

  • 3 card Poker hands – High card;
  • Pair;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • 3 of a kind;
  • Straight Flush.

Increased interest to playing 3-card Poker is also evident in the fact that payouts for the last three combinations from the list above have additional coefficients. Please note that in three-card Poker there is no procedure for exchanging cards that came with the starting hand. This means that every gamer must calculate and remember the odds of winning combinations.

Best hands to win in 3 card Poker

Every casino game has the best positions that any user dreams of. Players know about such combinations in advance and always strive to get exactly this outcome in a round. 3 card Poker hands chart also shows the most wanted hands, with what you are likely to win.

So, if you managed to get a Straight in 3 card Poker, then you can consider yourself lucky. In this case, you will be paid an Ante bonus based on your initial bet and published in the paytable. Generally, Straight bonus is 1:1, 3 of a kind bonuses 4:1, and Straight Flush bonus is 5:1. Even if a player has a losing hand to a dealer, he still receives Ante bonus. The home advantage for this bonus is usually around 3.37%.

Also, the most wanted combinations in 3 card Poker are 3 of a kind and Straight Flush, of course. If you get a Pair Plus bonus, the payouts for these hands will be: Straight Flush – 40:1, 3 of a kind – 30:1.

As you know, there are only three cards in this type of Poker, the strategy for playing here is rather simple. If a player got a hand below Q, 6, 4, he must fold based on the mathematical probability that he can beat any other random three-card hands. You see, it’s very simple. 3 card Poker is both easy and fun. Have you played three-card Poker? If not yet, then it’s time to do this! Moreover, today you can practice the skills of this Poker game for free by choosing a Demo version.

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