5 reasons to change your online poker room

Quite often, players do not think about changing the poker room, falling under the influence of the “Duckling Syndrome”, or simply being afraid to change something. Quite often, such changes would benefit their winrate. In this article, we decided to analyze 5 main reasons for changing an online poker room, leading to additional player benefit.

It is often possible to observe how beginner players, starting to play poker, first of all stumble upon the popular and advertised PokerStars, with its excellent software, and a lot of games, and after that they do not even consider other options. Alas, this habit does not always have a positive effect on the player’s winrate.

Below we have prepared for you 5 main reasons to change your online poker room and the benefits that you can get from it.

  1. Weaker rivals
    And this is one of the main reasons for changing the place of the game. PokerStars, as the largest poker room, attracts the maximum number of regulars and strong players. Of course, hobby players come along with them, but their ratio will not always be quite profitable. Yes, there are not many places to play for the NL200 + player, but if you play micro-limits, the horizons in front of you are truly enormous.

Poker rooms such as 888Poker and PartyPoker run a very active advertising campaign in a number of countries, attracting a lot of amateurs. As a result, their field of players is heavily diluted with recreational players from the UK, Australia, Canada and Brazil. Those who have already played a little poker know that these countries have the highest density of fish.

Even a less skilled player will be able to win more money by playing in such formations. A simple understanding of the basic foundations of poker will be enough here for a profitable game. More seasoned regulars are absent here for one simple reason, above NL10 the game is already going very poorly.

  1. New bonuses and more rakeback
    Registration in a new poker room is not only the names of the field, but also a very nice addition in the form of a first deposit bonus, and in some cases even more favorable rakeback conditions.

So, for example, the bonus on the first deposit in RedStar gives an additional increase to the return of rake in the amount of 20%, and together with a constant 30% rakeback, it turns out to be a very tempting figure of 50% rakeback. To date, even SuperNova, the highest status on PokerStars, will not have such a return.

  1. Additional benefit from an affiliate
    Quite often, a player registers directly with his first poker room, and at the same time he misses the opportunity to receive additional benefits from a poker affiliate.

Registration in poker rooms from the School of Poker – PekarStas.com, gives our players not only the possibility of free training , but also a lot of other privileges, such as the opportunity to receive fresh mining for free , poker converters, layouts and access to the most interesting and relevant poker videos. courses from professional players.

  1. Overlays in tournaments
    For tournament players, finding tournaments with overlays will be a huge benefit. An overlay is a situation where a room guarantees a certain prize pool, but there are fewer participants and their buy-ins do not cover it. In this case, for the same buy-in, you get a large share of the tournament, which is huge value for the player.

This situation is most common in less popular poker rooms such as PokerKing and TigerGaming , but is unlikely to be encountered at PokerStars.

  1. New varieties of poker and game formats
    Of course, PokerStars offers its players a very wide range of games, both in the usual Texas Hold’em and Omaha, and in lesser known game formats such as Stud, Razz, 5 card draws and even Badugi. Still, there are other very interesting game formats that you will not find in the lobby of the poker giant.

Ipoker network rooms – for example, TitanPoker or Betfair , can delight their players with the new format of the game of Hold’em 6+, where instead of 52 cards only 36 cards are used. Such a seemingly insignificant change fundamentally changes many of the probabilities. So, for example, everyone’s favorite pocket pairs AA and KK will come to players 2 times more often, like many other combinations.

PokerDom players have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a very unusual and exciting game of Chinese Poker in Russian. Perhaps this is the only format of the game where the player has the power to collect two royal flushes at once in one hand.

There are many subtleties and nuances in choosing the right poker room that cannot be covered in just one article. Nevertheless, we hope we were able to show you that it makes no sense to devote 100% of your playing time to PokerStars. You have the opportunity to find more favorable conditions of the game for yourself, in other rooms and on your own experience to compare different game lineups.

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